Selected Publications

Rearchitecting the TCP Stack for I/O-Offloaded Content Delivery
Taehyun Kim, Deondre Martin Ng, Junzhi Gong, Youngjin Kwon, Minlan Yu, KyoungSoo Park
USENIX NSDI 2023 (to appear)

Scalable Distributed Massive MIMO Baseband Processing
Junzhi Gong, Anuj Kalia, Minlan Yu
USENIX NSDI 2023 (to appear)

Microscope: Queue-based Performance Diagnosis for Network Functions
Junzhi Gong, Yuliang Li, Bilal Anwer, Aman Shaikh, Minlan Yu

q-MAX: A Unified Scheme for Improving Network Measurement Throughput
Ran Ben Basat, Gil Einziger, Junzhi Gong, Jalil Moraney, Danny Raz
IMC 2019

Elastic Sketch: Adaptive and Fast Network-wide Measurements
Tong Yang, Jie Jiang, Peng Liu, Qun Huang, Junzhi Gong, Yang Zhou, Rui Miao, Xiaoming Li, Steve Uhlig

HeavyGuardian: Separate and Guard Hot Items in Data Streams
Tong Yang*, Junzhi Gong*, Haowei Zhang, Lei Zou, Lei Shi, Xiaoming Li
ACM SIGKDD 2018 (oral)
*:co-primary authors

HeavyKeeper: An Accurate Algorithm for Finding Top-k Elephant Flows
Junzhi Gong, Tong Yang, Haowei Zhang, Hao Li, Steve Uhlig, Shigang Chen, Lorna Uden, Xiaoming Li

Other Publications

SSS: An Accurate and Fast Algorithm for Finding Top-k Hot Items in Data Streams
Junzhi Gong, Deyu Tian, Dongsheng Yang, Tong Yang, Tuo Dai, Bin Cui, Xiaoming Li
2018 IEEE International Conference on Big Data and Smart Computing (BigComp)

Abc: a practicable sketch framework for non-uniform multisets
Junzhi Gong, Tong Yang, Yang Zhou, Dongsheng Yang, Shigang Chen, Bin Cui, Xiaoming Li
2017 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Workshop Paper)

Difference bloom filter: A probabilistic structure for multi-set membership query
Dongsheng Yang, Deyu Tian, Junzhi Gong, Siang Gao, Tong Yang, Xiaoming Li
2017 IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC)